Commercial Financing

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional commercial funding, consider stated income commercial real estate loans. This financial solution focuses more on real estate than the borrower’s credit.

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Our financial solutions range from business credit cards to an individual credit line up to $500,000. These options do not require any collateral and very little paperwork.

Small Business Loan Financing

From time to time, small businesses need extra financial support in the form of loans and credit lines. A small business loan is often a fantastic option for companies who require a fast and efficient lending process.

Purchase Order Financing

A seasoned business owner knows that one of the most difficult elements of running an enterprise is securing proper funding, especially while producing pre-sold merchandise. At Financial Capital Solutions, we understand this need, which is why we offer purchase order financing to our clients.

Merchant Advances

If you need fast cash without incurring further debt, consider a merchant cash advance with Financial Capital Solutions. You won’t have to worry about a lengthy approval process and you can have the funds you need in just a week.

Healthcare Financing

Doctors, veterinarians, dentists and chiropractors have special financial needs when it comes to their medical practices. At Financial Capital Solutions, we can provide practices with working capital, equipment leasing and financing, acquisition funding, debt consolidation and improvement loans.

Franchise Financing

Investing in a franchise can be the start of a lucrative career in business. However, franchise financing may be necessary to ensure you have the assistance you need to achieve your dreams of business success.

Equipment Leasing

In the event that your business is lacking a vital piece of equipment to perform important tasks, you may need to seek out equipment financing to ensure quality remains a priority.

Consumer Financing

Continuous growth is imperative for all businesses striving to get ahead. In most cases, expanding a business will require some type of financing, and traditional options may not be suitable for every company.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

No two businesses are alike, particularly when it pertains to commercial real estate financing. For this reason, Financial Capital Solutions is dedicated to providing a multitude of funding options to ensure client needs are continually met.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Traditional loan options are not suited to every business. That’s why so many companies are in search of innovative funding solutions that can help a business expand without incurring large amounts of damaging debt.